Play, splash, and wear blue ears at Great Wolf Lodge to support Autism Speaks

Great Wolf Lodge raises funds and awareness for people with autism with Blue Wolf Ears campaign A resort brand that brings together families to play and make memories is helping to support those with autism, through a fundraising campaign and efforts to make their activities more autism-aware. Great Wolf Lodge’s 16 locations across the US... Continue Reading →

Hotel Elan’s family friendly lodging with adult amenities

Boutique style and comfort, convenient to WeHo and Beverly Hills Elan Hotel is a rare find in Los Angeles – lodging smack-dab in the middle of some of the city’s most desirable attractions – yet reasonably priced. For a luxury boutique hotel at the crossroads of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, one would expect a... Continue Reading →

Portofino Hotel & Marina: A vacationer’s one-stop waterfront destination

Redondo Beach's unique boutique hotel, on its own peninsula The pool is the thing for kids, when it comes to a hotel.  Parents want a scenic and serene vacation, at a hotel with spectacular views that is convenient to the local sites. Imagine getting all of that at once, as in a hotel located nearby... Continue Reading →

Sharing is caring for families in the new share economy

The share economy offers new ways for families to travel and experience vacations Our parents told us it was good manners to share our toys when we were kids. Taking turns and letting others play with our treasured possessions kept us from arguing and feeling resentful. As we got older though, most of us stopped this... Continue Reading →

Cadillac 2017 CT6: It’s how the modern family rolls

Our family recently had the opportunity to cruise in style in the 2017 CT6 on trip to Buena Park, California.  If you know anything about Buena Park, you know that like Texas, everything around those parts is big.  There’s a lot more land and space compared to neighboring Los Angeles, and wisely developers have built... Continue Reading →

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