What’s in Your Kid’s Bag Lunch?

By Susan Plascencia

It’s off to school for the kiddos, but just because they are packing lunch instead of eating at home doesn’t mean they have to eat chips and other processed snacks.  Opt for healthy bites by Go Raw, the all organic company that deliverers on its promise of junk-free food with treats such as Choco Chunk coconut crisps, Sweet Crunch sprouted cookies, Spicy Fiesta sprouted flax snax or flavored seeds, Sweet Spirulina sprouted bites and Chewy Apricot sprouted bar.

All of their snacks are non-GMO verified, vegan, nut-free and gluten-free.  Most of the snacks are made with a few simple ingredients, like the cookies, made of coconut, sesame seeds and dates, for just the right amount of sweet, with no sugar or salt added.  Besides being tasty, these snacks offer health benefits and can boost energy and mood, strengthen bones, aid digestion and generally make you feel good without the guilt of sugar-laden sweets.

I won’t lie though, for those picky eaters who favor style over substance, these treats might be a hard sell.  They are natural looking and in texture, without the animal shapes and red-dye-who-knows-what of the best-selling flaming-hot corn chips and cookies with a cartoon character on the bag, but if you can get past the looks, these seedy clusters are super satisfying and maybe even a little addicting, for kids and grown-ups.

Available at Whole Foods, Albertson’s, Wild Oats and other health food and grocery stores nationwide.



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